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 Ranks and Titles Conitinued.....

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PostSubject: Ranks and Titles Conitinued.....   Mon Jul 06, 2015 9:29 am

It was the decision of RSS officials that Ranks are not longer in affect.  From now on we have general titles.

The Status is as follows:

Riddick - President of RSS / Founder
Logan - Commander/Co-Founder / Vice President
X_sniper - BF4 Owner / Internal Security / RSS Administrator
Klicker - Forums Administrator
Jab - Director of Operations
Smooth - Chief of Staff
Yourdaddy - Deputy Chief of Staff

Anyone who was Major General or Brig General you are now "Senior Admins" in the community.

Former Colonels to Sgts you are now "Admins"

As all of you know and are aware RSS has had a falling out.  We Can establish ranks again when we have reach a goal of 40 active members of the community.  Until then we are what are roles are in the community.  I've chosen your roles based on the activities we were already responsible for.  

Any Questions Please Ask

Battlefield 4 Server Owner Operator
Internal Security Officer
RSS Administrator

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Hi Guest, Riddick Loves you and Says your the greatest.  Have a postion as Head Potato Pealer!! Smile Click on his name for his details!
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Ranks and Titles Conitinued.....
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