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 BFBC2 Crash Know Fixes From STEAM

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PostSubject: BFBC2 Crash Know Fixes From STEAM   BFBC2 Crash Know Fixes From STEAM Icon_minitimeThu Feb 14, 2013 10:42 pm

I still have a buddy that works for Steam that I was chatting with about recent crashes on the game that I experienced along with everyone else. This is the same guy who helped with the HL2.EXE error info for Day of Defeat. He gave me a few ideas that might help fix the issues with BC2 crashes. The issue that causes this crash is none other than PB itslef, normally. I will explain that in one moment. But here are some general fixes in case it doesn't apply to you.

Video and Sound

  • First things first, is to make sure your up-to-date on video drivers, sound drivers, and etc... Sound glitches he states still seem to be the biggest issue in the game for most. There primary sounds will go out, and then the game will lock up. You can also set your game to Run as Adminstrator. This can sometimes help, but it's not usually a fix.

  • Next, BFBC2 using the frostbite engine has a major difference from Valve. It uses a vertical FOV (field of vision) instead of a horizontal FOV. This means there is a diffrence in resolution from your PC to the game. This is easily fixed by calculating the correct resolution image at a 90 degree angle. You can calculate this with a resolution calculator. I've imputed the link here. RESOLUTION CALCULATOR Once you have figured your FOV Setting number you have to imput this number into the "settings.ini" file. Sort of like your cfg file in Day of Defeat for those who know that. This is located under the games files. Open up your BFBC2 Folder in your documents and click on your settings. Imput your number into the FOV bases on the resolution you run the game in. Then restart battlefield (if open) and it will utilize this new FOV. Note that the orignal FOV may be off by like 1 but this is apperently still enough to effect the game.

  • Next issue is a refresh rate issue. Set your refresh rate to around 60.00. This could also be a problem if your refreshing to slow or too fast for the engine. You don't want to go any higher than 60 cause it could create some lag problems for you. However feel free to drop it down just about 10 or so till it seems confortable.

  • Sound issues would be the last in this issue. There are two types of sound issues. The first is that your sound card may not be able to run the HD sound in the game. Be sure to set your sound quality to low if you don't have a high end sound card. If you have a high end sound card and your crashing then you'll probably here primary sounds like go out. Such as Tank noise (if in tank can't hear engine but can here the cannon), can't here your primary weapon, and such. This will happen right before the crash, usually. This is a stability issue. To fix this issue, try this. Set your Sound to Medium in Game. Save and Close the game. Go back to the settings.ini file in your game documents. There you will find two files "soundsystemsize" and "speakercount" Change both to a two and save. Restart the game to see if the problem is fixed. If this doesn't work then leave those values and change your sound quality in game to "WAR TAPES" That was the last fix for the last update.

PunkBuster (BUSTED!)

  • When Battlfield 3 Expansion Packs started coming out, EA and Unwinder, accidently told everyone how punkbuster worked. Which is kind of Brilliant yet inappropriate to me. Punkbuster goes through all your files for the game and your Restricted GPU memory files. This is how it hunts so to speak. It hits your GPU the hardest, and causes your video card to be upset. LOL! To fix this you have to stop punkbuster in it's tracks without closing it. Problem is THERE IS NOT A WAY TO DO THIS! Solution:

    For Overclocker : Try Backing Down your GPU
    For Normal Users: Write Complaints to PB about it. LOL!

    There is no known fix other than a hack that works around PB. Some ATI Cards have a file you can change to a different name and PB can't find it to scan it. But more than likely most users are now using NVIDIA. So What should you do in the meantime. Well there are two options. First, Unistall PB. Then Unistall the Game. Once both games are unistalled, scan your files to be sure that any leftover files are deleted. This will insure proper installation. Next re-install Battlefield Bad Company 2. If PB doesn't install then utilize this link.

Note: Most of this stuff can be found on Google, STEAM Forums, Battlefield Forums, ect...
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BFBC2 Crash Know Fixes From STEAM
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